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$23 USD/m²

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Unique geometric design, modern and functional. Ideal for cruise ships and hotels, to apply in headboards, ottomans, and pannels.

Application: Cruise - Hospitality - Home

Care: Please clean the material regularly with warm soapy water. Pollution by oil, fat and ink must be removed immediately. Do not use solvents. Only use alcohol when necessary.

Special Note: When manufacturing, if necessary, use only water based adhesives and avoid mixing different lots for the same task, beacuse little color variation could occur . Our recommendations are based on our experience, but they do not release the purchaser from checking our product for the intended use.


  • Technical properties:
  • Width: 140 cm
  • Roll length:

    25 meters

  • Weight: 670 gr / m2
  • Composition: 77% biodegradable PVC 5% water-based PU 18% Recycled PES fabric
  • Biodegradability:

    ASTM D 5511-11

  • Toxicity: ASTM E 1963
  • Abrasion: ASTM D4157 - 100.000 dr
  • UV resistance: AATCC 16.3 - 40 horas
  • Antimicrobial: ASTM G21 - 96
  • Fire retardancy:

    California Bulletin 117 - 2013, NFPA 260, ASTM E662

  • Special note: Valores sin IVA

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